Cultural significance through music

We are a small, collaborative team of entertainment and strategic communications specialists, with broad experience and genuine passion.

We specialise in music because it’s what we’re good at, and it’s what we love. We know music and have unparalleled industry connections and access to artists, allowing us to connect brands, bands and audiences in ways that create genuine, measurable value.

Crowd at brand and music event

We believe that music is unique.

It tells stories, it is emotive, culturally vibrant, and persistently relevant.
And it brings people together, creating deeper connections.


We offer four 'entry points' for greater engagement for brands and their audiences

Music Strategy


We work with you to understand your brand, its history, its personality and what you want to achieve. To help you be culturally relevant to your audience, we need to understand the culture of your brand.


We keep your business objectives at the heart of our planning and establish KPIs early in the process.


We investigate your audience and search for common ground on which to build a tailored entertainment platform.

Then, we use our expertise to bring a different perspective to a familiar world.

Music Consultancy

Music Rights

We clear the music rights you need for your entertainment platform to be a success. We make sure you get what you need and negotiate the right price, removing the uncertainty of dealing with artists, labels, publishers and agents.


Our expertise covers the whole gamut of music and communications production. From festivals, launch parties, music releases to innovation through digital exploitation, along with all of the supporting content such as video, photography and artwork.


We know how to get people talking about what we do.

Music Programming

From festivals to product launches, we source the right assets and suppliers at the best prices.


We know about the new, up-and-coming bands AND the big artists who are about to release.

Sound and Vision

We choose our production partners to ensure your event looks great for the people attending, and those watching online. We source the best suppliers at the right prices.


We manage the process from start to finish and are the only contact you have to deal with.

Music Workshops

Industry Workshops

Advice, mentoring and best-practice workshops, exploring the possibilities of deeper and more productive working relationships.

Educational Events

Tailored seminars to equip you and your staff with the required knowledge for collaborating successfully with artists and their music

Why Genuine?

  • We’re strategically led and creatively driven
  • A senior point of contact for all of your music needs
  • We’re happy to work directly with clients, or alongside agencies and affiliate partners
  • We deliver on time, on budget, with measurable results
  • We give better value through our extensive knowledge and relationships with record labels, music publishers, live agents and through our work with trade bodies such as UK Music, MMF and AIM

To find out how we can help, get in touch.