We’re please to announced our first seminar in partnership with esteemed media and commercial law firm, Michael Simkins LLP.  “Making Music Work (How to Use Music More Effectively in PR and Marketing Strategies)” will be held at Simkins’ London HQ from 4.40pm-6.30pm on Wednesday 2nd April.

“Making Music Work” will be a dedicated seminar for marketing and PR professionals and for brands who want to explore music-brand partnerships for the first time – or pursue existing relationships in more effective and creative ways. Presenters will include Nick Eziefula, Associate at Michael Simkins LLP, who has specialised expertise in music training for brands and agencies, and Genuine MD, Carli Kapff. Our aim will be to give attendees the confidence to explore new and more creative ways of engaging with musicians and the music industry. We’ll outline the music industry landscape, give the latest trends and statistics in music based marketing, and introduce best practice concepts for associated legal requirements and mutually beneficial collaborations. GENUINE LEGALIZE IT

We’ll also be discussing some of our recent insights in the brand-music space;

Legalize It: Even the biggest brands and agencies still need educating about the best approach to music-related intellectual properties.

After The Gold Rush: Music managers and labels tell us they are increasingly looking for brand collaborations that involve significant media-exposure and positive, peer-group associations. Be sure to estimate a campaign’s PR and marketing value before beginning financial negotiations with your chosen artist partner.

Where Have All The Halo Brand Partnerships Gone? Genuine often hears from brands, agencies and music professionals about a lack of co-ordination in brand-artist ‘partnerships’, often resulting in poor communication and confusing campaigns. We think this has, in part, led to a dearth of ‘halo’ campaigns of late.



“Making Music Work” is an invitation only event for brands and agencies. You can e mail Julia@GenuineUK.com should you wish to attend and, space permitting, we’ll try and squeeze you in.



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