Dropping into the recently re-opened HMV store in Central London, now re-housed in their original premises at 363 Oxford Street, I saw little evidence of HMV/Hilco’s CEO Paul McGowan’s claim of “taking the business back to the music, back to the heritage”. Apart from a few shelves of recommended albums and a rack of £2.99 “best ofs”, the entire ground floor was full of DVDs and Games – with the full music sections up on the 1st floor. Nipper might indeed be ‘back’ in name, but it seems not in spirit.

Genuine His Master's VoiceThis, coupled with Apple’s recent rejection of HMV’s (admittedly initially well received) iOS app read here might well mean that the struggle for entertainment retailers to survive on the UK’s High Streets if far from over, while Amazon and Apple further tighten their grip on the retail sector.

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