In a recent Marketing Week feature about brands and bands, Rebecca Shears, UK & Ireland Head of Marketing for printing and personal systems at HP, warned that brands need to have a reason to create music ‘content’ otherwise consumers could be immediately turned off. “Context is really important,” she says, “lots of brands want to get involved with music, but you have to understand what your strengths are and maybe partner with people who can bring something to the table.”

HP, perhaps without any obvious musical heritage themselves have, in recent years, established a strong relationship with music, having helped VICE set up their NOISEY new music channel, were involved (technically) with the launch of Beats Audio and currently have an on-going partnership with Universal Music, via their HP Connected service.

Genuine was founded to provide the exact services that Rebecca mentions, so should you wish to know whether your business could work successfully with music, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Carli     +44 20 8749 9330





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