The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (It's Online)

I saw this amazing graphito painted on a wall in Cairo while watching the news the other night; “Correction: The Revolution WILL Be Televised” What a remarkably simple, yet powerful, testament to the internet-aided popular revolutions currently occuring across North… Read more

Apple Vs PC – another Holy war?

John Naughton, in a piece about Apple turning into an evil empire, published in the Observer this weekend, referred to a fascinating essay written by Umberto Eco back in 1994.  This essay argued that Apple Mac was a Catholic device,… Read more

Connectability – music on the move

Personalised internet radio service Pandora has launched a tie-in with Toyota called “Legends & Icons”. The interesting bit is that the new Toyota Entune connects the user’s mobile phone to a number of apps that reside within the car’s in-dash… Read more