With The Beatles, Timing Is Everything

On Monday, when Apple.com announced “Tomorrow is just another day – That you’ll never forget”, it was probably talking more about a day that Steve Jobs will never forget, rather than the rest of us (obsessive Beatles fans or otherwise)…. Read more

Branded Christmas Tree Lights (again)

Continuing with my secular view of Christmas, today I noticed this year’s Regent Street lights are heavy themed with images fromThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which I presume has something to do with a Disney… Read more

Achieving Cultural Significance

I first heard that Coke were responsible for Santa Clause being red in colour a good few years ago but it was only recently, while I was researching long-term brand-music strategies, that I came across an article on the Coca… Read more

MOTORHEAD blow the froth off a Kronenbourg 1664!

Only the other day a very successful British artist manager told me that none of his artists would give me a quote about a positive brand-related experience/activity. This has been bothering me ever since. I mean, why does investment from… Read more

Converse launch record label

This article from nytimes.com is definitley worth a read. Not only do Converse have a history of music related endorsement (which will help them in this venture) but they also seem to understand the risk game that is intrinsic in… Read more

The Media Revolution

Even though it feels as if the digital revolution is already upon us it still shocks me to read about the predicted demise of print media. READ THE ARTICLE Read more