China Now

  For those of you who have yet to visit China, trust us, it’s a big deal – and we’re talking size, scale, population and scope. But even if you’ve only glimpsed this fascinating, ever-changing nation through the lens of… Read more
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The Changing Music Landscape

Good info graphic on the rapidly changing music landscape from Statista, based on a recent Nielsen report. A little more than a decade after Apple opened the iTunes Music Store, it appears as if listeners have already turned their backs… Read more
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Jack Daniel’s at the AIM Awards 2014

The Brewery, East London 2nd Sept 2014, home, once again, to the AIM AWARDS The stage is set ……  … with the Jack Daniel’s bar at the ready  #spiritofjackLoving our spot on Bella Union’s table (AIM AWARDS)XFM’s John Kennedy and Radio 1’s… Read more
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Tech At Its Best

In these tech-rich times many observers, ourselves at Genuine included, sometimes worry that the technology element of marketing strategies can over-shadow the actual ‘content’ being produced, and lead to an over-complicated user (consumer) experience.  QV Nicola Kemp’s recent article, “Why Marketers Risk… Read more
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What’s The Big Idea?

As a creative business, it’s easy to get a little obsessed with the need for ‘The Big Idea’. Needless to say, we’ve met numerous agencies who are looking for one, and pitched to many brands that want to see if… Read more
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Music Education Under Threat?

The benefit of music education for children is well documented and long accepted. However it appears that the government is pursuing some desperate measures in these desperate, cash-poor times, including the Department for Education’s “Savings To The Education Services Grant”… Read more
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Brands and Bands: The State Of The Nation 2013

Part of our offering at Genuine involves an on-going programme of networking and thought-leadership events that encourage brand and music stakeholders to work more constructively together. The most recent of these was entitled ‘Looking for Clues’, held recently at the… Read more
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